Steri-7 Xtra Wipes – 1 box


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Minimum order is 1 box. 12 packets of wipes in a box.

Wet a surface with STERI-7 XTRA Wipes and a few seconds later any bacteria, viruses and spores on that surface will be dead. But STERI-7 XTRA doesn’t stop there. Leave it to dry and a reactive barrier is created on the surface.

The STERI-7 XTRA Wipes Cleaning Products can be used wherever the highest standards of disinfection is required and are suitable for use in healthcare and food processing environments and all other workplaces where there is a risk of cross contamination. The product has been tested against and is effective against a number of commonly occurring bacteria, yeast and viruses that are known to be highly transmissible and can result in infections and illnesses.

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