The Best and fastest Patio cleaner for removing moss, algae, lichen, black spot and many more organic stains

Monty Miracle is simply the best patio cleaner to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, algae, lichen, moss, fungal growth, black spot and many more organic stains.

Our block paving cleaner is simply the fastest way of cleaning and removing organic growth from the dirtiest of block paved patios from brick or concrete to natural stone, indian stone or even tarmac.

Monty Miracle patio cleaner is also safe to use on plastic, wood and metal so don’t forget you can clean up the garden swings and slides too!

Monty Miracle Cleaner Available for Trade in 25 litres Containers All Trade Enquiries Please call 01 4935812

How to Use

Follow these steps to ensure fastest and safest application for both you and your surrounding areas

We know you’ll be thrilled with your Monty Cleaner. To ensure you experience the same ‘miraculous’ results as our other customers please follow the guidelines below.

See how Monty Cleaner removes black spots in real time.