SHADOW MAX® Graffiti Shadow remover is one of five “Graffiti Max” products, each custom formulated for specific Graffiti Removal needs. If you are removing shadows or “ghosting” from any porous surface, SHADOW MAX® is the right choice for the job.

Recommended for removal on ghosting or shadows on:

Brick, mortar, masonry, cement, concrete, stucco, terrazzo, pavers, fieldstone, porous tile. Pressure treated or untreated wood.  Natural stone surfaces such as granite, marble, sandstone, porous rocks, both rough or polished. Porcelain, glazed or ceramic tiles, grout.

Not recommended for use on metal finishes, plexiglass and Lexan.


Effective On: 

Shadows, ghosting or residues that may occur on porous surfaces after using conventional graffiti removers. These include shadows, ghosts, or residues left by spray paint, markers, inks, and most other graffiti shadows or ghosts.


Nonflammable, noncombustible. Flash point over 200°F.


Stores between 40°F and 130°F. DO NOT FREEZE. If frozen, thaw and remix before using. Keep out of the reach of children.




Thin liquid with maximum wetting and penetrating action.


Non regulated, D.O.T. Proper shipping name: Cleaning Compound N.O.S., Class 55.

Use Temperatures: 

Not limited, will work slower at cold temperatures.


Very low rate of evaporation. Ventilation required in confined areas. If sprayed, respirator suggested.


100-300 sq. ft./gallon depending on porosity of surface.


.4 lbs/gallon, 50 grams/liters. H.A.P.S. – none.

Other Uses: 

See SHADOW MAX MULTI-SURFACE Permanent Marker Remover.


Use ELEPHANT SNOT® Graffiti Remover first for removing graffiti or marks from above surfaces. In most cases, ELEPHANT SNOT® will not leave shadows or ghosting, and if they occur, use SHADOW MAX® to remove. For removals from all types of metal, “durable” baked on painted surfaces such as auto, bus, truck, other factory applied paints, fiberglass, traffic or reflective signs, use our SMOOTH MAX® Graffiti Remover.


  • Super penetrating action for maximum wet out of stubborn shadows and ghosts.
  • Fast removals – maximum wet out and penetrating action gives MAXIMUM removal speeds.
  • Low odor with minimum or no ventilation requirement for added safety, indoors or out.
  • Water hose pressure removal option for “no pressure washer required” benefits.
  • Nonflammable, noncombustible, minimal fire hazard formulary.
  • All temperature effective removals from below freezing cold (240F) to “very hot” (900F+) conditions.


  • Apply by trigger sprayer or pump sprayer.
  • Allow to penetrate affected area for 15-20 minutes (30-40 minutes in cold temperatures).
  • Use power washer with 15° tip with 1000 – 3000 PSI maximum pressure.
  • For optimum perf ormance and removal speed use hot water (190°F.)
  • Excellent results may be obtained with a cold water power washer with the above specification by doubling the dwell time (30-40 minutes).
  • Repeat process if necessary.
  • Clean up all equipment after each use with water.
  • Do not use for any other purpose/removal, without thoroughly testing in an inconspicuous area for effect.

Safety Instructions:

  • Always wear protective eyewear and chemical resistant gloves. Can cause burns.
  • Protect all exposed skin areas with chemical resistant covering.
  • If product gets on skin, wash off immediately.  If product gets in eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes.
  • Use respirator if sprayed.


10.5 × 7 × 10 in


11 lb