Powerwashing of Dublin Office Block

A recent job carried out by Sprayline Ltd. was the general powerwashing of a high end office block in Dublin 4. The job entailed granite cleaning, chewing gum removal and general powerwashing the external areas of the building.

The granite cleaning entailed removing a build-up of moss and deep staining from steps leading down to a granite tiled area. As this was outside a busy gym area, with plenty of footfall over the winter, we used a granite cleaner and our mobile hot powerwasher on this job. The hot washer is used to fully remove any dirt and grime attached to the stone. As we often use the analogy with our clients you would never fill your sink with cold water when washing your dishes. This is where the hot washer delivers great results.

As you can see from the photo the results are impressive.

A second part of this job required our staff to remove moss and dirt from a cobblelock area including chewing gum removal. When powerwashing the cobblelock area, again we used our hot washer along with a surface cleaner. The surface cleaner is a great accessory when powerwashing large areas as it gives an even clean and creates less of a mess as compared to the traditional wand method. Where required we used a variable pressure lance to remove any chewing gum deposits. By increasing the heat on the machine and lowering the flow of water we melted away any unsightly chewing gum deposits without causing any damage to the surface area.

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